ChappCo, llc Political Sign Policy


For those who wish to place policial signage on our property, please request permission prior to any installation.

You can use politicalsigns@ (just remove the space) to make the request via email.


Signs placed on the property without permission will be removed and NOT returned.


We grant permission for each political cycle on a first come, first serve basis for those candiates we feel best align with our values.

Please check back as we are marketing the property and may no longer authorize sign placement.

We allow signage to be placed along the road frontage on Beckett Road and Union Centre Blvd on the vacant lots.

Permission will be given via email with a list of the pacel numbers and a map.





Mailing Address: 6097-B Chappellfield Drive, West Chester, OH 45069-6642

Phone 513.892.5288 Fax 513.892.5299


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